The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) was established in 1986. The centre is a focus for research and curriculum development in Mathematics teaching and learning, with the aim of unifying and enhancing mathematical progress in schools and colleges. This CIMT Web-site was started in May 1995, and moved to University of Plymouth servers at the end of July 2005.

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Margaret Roddick
(10th September 2010)

We are sad to announce the death of Margaret Roddick, who passed away last week after a relatively short illness. Margaret worked for CIMT from its inception at Exeter University, over 25 years ago, until her retirement just two years ago. She started as a clerical officer but over the years helped to transform CIMT form a national centre for maths teachers into an international research and development centre, coordinating our international comparative studies. She was ambitious for the work of the centre but not for herself, and was more than content to play a background role, master minding our projects. We will all miss her dearly.

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Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP)
This has been the Centre's main focus over the past few years. The Mathematics Enhancement Programme set out to implement in UK schools the findings of the earlier Kassel project (which looked at styles of teaching and attainment in Maths teaching internationally). As well as detail of the philosophy and style of teaching advocated, there is also a full set of curriculum resources for Primary and Secondary schools, including on-line interactive resources.
International Project on Mathematical Attainment (IPMA)
This is a longitudinal, international project in mathematical attainment, monitoring the mathematical progress of pupils in primary schools and relating that progress to several factors including style of teaching and organisation of curriculum. The aim is to provide recommendations for good practice in primary mathematics education.
Kassel Project
The main aim of this project was to carry out research into the teaching and learning of Mathematics in different countries, and ultimately to make recommendations about good practice in helping pupils acheive their mathematical potential. The project grew out of collaborative work between CIMT and the Mathematics Education Group at Kassel University in Germany. The project was initially centred on finding appropriate ways to use applications in the teaching of Mathematics, but this widened to encompass all major strands of Mathematics teaching in secondary schools.
IPMA and MEP Online Tests
The Centre has now made online versions of all the IPMA primary tests and several of the MEP secondary tests. Pupils can take these tests using most web browsers, and their work is immediately marked. Results are displayed at the end of the test and also submitted to our own database for research purposes.
Collaborative Practice
Following last year's (2005/6) successful preliminary implementation of collaborative practice within Pathfinder schools, we are now pleased to invite all schools to find out about the project and to become actively involved in collaborative practice if so desired. CIMT has identified collaborative practice as a method to address the needs of mathematics teachers' CPD by allowing them to share and develop good practice within their department.

Order Form
The order form can be printed and then faxed or posted to CIMT to place orders for MEP and other CIMT resources
MEP Curriculum Resources
As part of the Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP), CIMT have produced a complete curriculum resource for Primary and Secondary phases, including pupil texts, lesson plans, classroom resources, assessment materials and on-line interactive resources. A-Level resources are also currently under development.
Other CIMT Resources
This section contains various resources which have been produced by CIMT for Mathematics teaching.
They include activities set in "real" contexts, sets of real data, topical activities, and puzzles.
CIMT Interactive Resources
This section contains on-line interactive resources which have been produced by CIMT.
They include audits, assessments and practice materials, as well as some interactive activities.
Bletchley Park Codes Resources
This section contains resources which have been produced jointly by CIMT and the Bletchley Park Codes Centre. They include teacher resource material and interactive activities.
Topical Applications of Mathematics
This section contains resources which have been produced by CIMT and funded by the Clothworkers Company. They include teacher resource material and interactive activities to emphase the practical nature of mathematics and its relevance in solving or explaining real world problems and issues.

International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
This journal, which is published only in electronic form, aims to enhance mathematics teaching for all ages (and abilities) up to 18 years, through relevant articles, reviews and information from around the world. It is aimed at practitioners and educationalists, providing a medium for stimulating and challenging ideas, offering innovation and practice in all aspects of mathematics teaching and learning.
CIMT Papers and Reports
This section contains various papers and reports relating to the work of CIMT.

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Courses for Teachers
This section contains information about courses for teachers run by CIMT.
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